Acne Shearling Jacket | Designer vs. Budget

21. January 2015


I have been crazy about this Acne Shearling Aviator Jacket for at least 2 years now. The price is the only thing that stands our future together in the way. But recently I found to Budget Versions of the Acne Shearling Jacket. One is from Pepe Jeans which is still a bit pricey if you ask me, but looks so so good. There is also a low budget alternative for those of you who still find the Pepe Jeans one to expensive but don’t want to miss out, that one is from Bershka and I am very tempted to purchase that one too. Or wait and hope the Pepe Jeans Jacket goes on sale eventually.


Links to the Shearling Jackets:

Acne Velocite Oversize Aviator Jacket

Pepe Jeans Shearling Jacket

Bershka Low Budget Shearling Jacket



"2" Comments

  1. Its amazing so budget items are starting to look so similar to the designer pieces.
    But I’m always going to wish I could have the real thing!

    Jennifer Jayne

  2. The pepe one will do me just fine always best in the middle

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