Coating ’17

20. September 2017

coat ZARA  |  jumper c/o HUSH   |  trousers c/o MARC O’POLO  |  shoes WITTNER

bag c/o XNIHILO  |  watch c/o ROSEFIELD  |  sunglasses c/o ACE&TATE

Time is speeding forward at the moment and September is magically disappearing as we speak. Each year it amazes me how quickly it’s October again, which also means how quickly it’s Autumn again. Thanks to my mum, who was born in Autumn I have always loved the season. Fortunately or unfortunately it is all a matter of perspective really, September has brought some rather cold mornings and sunny afternoons. Just the right weather to try on all your favourite coats from the previous year. You remember this grey wool coat from Zara that I have been wearing non-stop when I had arrived in Taipei?

I styled my grey coat with my new go-to black HUSH knit – we all agree that it is a real pain to find your perfect black basics – as well as a pair of woollen MARC O’POLO trousers. They have a nice relaxed fit and probably are the most comfortable woollen pants I own. Bag wise I am carrying my favourite XNIHILO bag with me even though the EIGHT bag has quickly become as much of a partner in crime as the BANK bag. The grey XNIHILO bag will also soon be available online again for those of you that had been wondering if it ever came back in stock.

"4" Comments

  1. Tolle Farben, vor allem schwarz und navy <3


    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Merci meine Liebe <3

  2. Mag ich so so so so so gern! Klaue ich dir alles, wenn du hier bist <3

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      na klaro 🙂 Shared Wardrobes x

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