the perfect pair of pumps

20. November 2014


Since I didn’t get to take any outfit photos on the weekend – I was busy celebrating my Grandpa’s 90th birthday (hence: eating so so much good food thanks to my talented family), I got something different for you: I want to introduce you this upcoming festive seasons must-have shoe: the pointy mid heel pumps! Nothing looks more elegant and classy.


My reasons to invest in pointy mid heel pumps this winter:

1. they make you look classy (who doesn’t want to look classy?)

2. they make your legs look longer like any other heel!

3. at the end of the day your feed will still be alive


If those reasons haven’t convinced you I can’t help you. I love the trend and am so happy that I recently bought a pair of pointy mid heel pumps from Zara. I think what’s important when buying mid heels is that the heel should always be a stiletto heel and the shape of the pumps should always be pointy. Happy buying girls!




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  1. Oh, die sind echt wunderbar! Steh ja auch grad total auf spitze Treter 🙂
    Liebe Grüße

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