Update | French Wardrobe Challenge

6. April 2015


So as much as I wish I could tell everyone how good I have already been with my french wardrobe challenge, I haven’t. I have been pretty good – but far from perfect.

So far it’s my beautiful pair of Lorenzo Mari pointy loafers, a pair of H&M trend culottes and a pair of flared striped pants (which haven’t been on the blog yet – they are very be achy) and the statement dress.

Additionally, I am eyeing on more than one pair of mules because I have developed a strong addiction to them. Unfortunately I still haven’t found the perfect pair that fits into my budget (or somebody find me the Tibi mules in a size 38 I won’t even argue about the price!) but maybe thats also a good thing for the french wardrobe challenge.

All in all, I probably need to admit that my wardrobe is still in development and I am a big sucker for any kind of challenges (likewise with diets). I am always totally into it for a couple of weeks and then the excitement drifts off and I am done with it. Does anyone feel the same way? Or am I alone in this again?

I don’t think it makes sense for me to continue with the challenge on such tough terms but I do want to be more conscious while purchasing cloths and overthink a purchase longer. I am really happy with everything I bought this year and I am in love with every single piece. I haven’t worn all of them yet – but honestly that’s not my fault it’s the German / Dutch weather’s fault.


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  1. Cool!!! I love your challenge… sometimes we learn a lot when we dare to try on other styles. I wish you luck with the weather so you can wear everything soon^^

    Here my latest post, about the power of Choupette (Lagerfeld’s kitten), Asia (Lady Gaga’s dog) and other pets as brand ambassadors for Luxury brands

    I hope you enjoy it! Bests 🙂

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