The 5 Pieces French Wardrobe Challenge

7. January 2015


Have you heard of the 5 pieces French wardrobe thing – maybe read it on your favorite blog? If not let me briefly explain it. Basically it’s something you start with at the beginning of the new year – kind of like a new years resolution and yes if you have read this you already know how I think about new years resolutions. This is different though: You only buy 5 pieces per season so either 10 pieces a year or 20 – depending what your seasons are. I think I will do it like some other bloggers and say 12 – meaning a piece per months. And I am being honest I am not even sure if I can manage to do this but I want to save for a big holiday next this year so I feel its a good idea. And I am still trying to build up my own capsule wardrobe and I want to give this a try.

Excluded are:

– basics (tshirts, a good fitting jeans, socks, undies etc.)

– included are SHOES (all kind of shoes urgh)

– accessories under 50€

Tough rules I know but I want to give it a try!



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