The ultimate winter sale finds

10. January 2015







Jacket – Zara   |   Jeans – Zara   |   Knit – Weekday (old)   |   Boots – Zara

Bag – Mango (similar here)

Guess what: While I had to study for my resit it was all sunny and amazing outside ALL the time. Then I had my resit – passed it and guess what now?! Super stormy disgusting don’t ever leave the house weather is on. Gotta love being me! But I still sneaked out today to take these outfit photos – by the time I was back in the apartment I was wet from the rain and super cold from all the wind. But at least I can finally present everyone my MissPiggy jacket. I am deeply in love with it even though everyone I have asked about the jacket hates it. Well at least I like it! The heels are my ultimate winter Sale find – even though find is maybe the wrong word. I have been waiting for so long to get my hands on these and now they are part of the family! Did you guys score during sale season?


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