Leather & Stripes

12. January 2015



Biker Jacket – Zara   |   Knit – Zara    |    Top – Sportsgirl    |   Jeans – Zara   |

Bag – Mango   |   Boots – Wittner Australia 

Passing my resit has prepared me with the worst of all karma: first my glasses broke – which is not the end of the world since I wanted to get new ones anyways. But I don’t have a extra pair so now I had to use sticky tape to fix it until I get my new ones. I can assure you I look like the leader of a nerd gang. After spending my weekend at my boyfriend’s I came home to Maastricht just to find out that my bike was stolen last night. So all in all I am a little annoyed (it is understandable though right?!). When I took these photos it was raining and very stormy thats why it’s only a fair few photos  (in most of them all my hair was literally in my face). However, I hope you enjoy the oufit!

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  1. Wow, looks amazing.

    The jacket looks more expensive than Zara! xx

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