Outfit of the Day: Stripes & Denim

20. September 2014



DSC_0771 Kopie



Tshirt – Zara   |   Denim – Zara   |   Sandals – Birkenstock   |   Sunglasses – American Apparel   |   Handbag – A little boutique in Milan   |   Watch – Swatch   |   Necklace (Sun) – Asos


Today started of really sunny and nice and by the time I came home again the rain was pouring down. It was my roommates birthday last night – so today’s outfit is a comfortable one. I love my denims and I love my striped Tshirts. It was probably one of the last days for wearing my Birkenstocks as well so they were a must. The white Swatch watch was a present to my birthday this year and I dearly love it. As it’s a white watch I don’t wear it too often – I want to keep it white for as long as possible. That’s it from me for today, enjoy your weekend everyone!

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