My Wardrobe vs. A Girl’s Wardrobe

2. September 2014


A Girl’s Wardrobe is a girl’s treasure. Well at least its mine. My Wardrobe mostly consists of black basics, it started years ago, it hasn’t changed by any chance and let’s be honest here: It won’t change.

For me black just goes with everything and it is very timeless. So I can spend more money on quality when buying new clothes. Don’t worry I do own some non black clothes as well! Like every girl I like my denims and striped everything – I mean hey who can resist a striped shirt? It just goes with everything and makes us feel like we are walking around Paris instead of grey, rainy Maastricht.

I just recently started with the wardrobe detox procedure. As I am actually getting older and lets say wiser I learned to value my wardrobe but also to consider what I really wear and I really need. Which brings me back to the quality topic as well as the consciousness.