Crushing on: Hair Accessories

7. September 2018


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Where do I get started? I am not a hair styling kinda girl. I usually refuse to even blow dry my hair because I am way way to lazy to do that. Plus I have naturally wavy hair so it’s easiest for me to air dry it anyways. Which brings me to the topic of today: hair accessories.

To be completely honest since reaching the teenage years I was never big on hair accessories either. Yours truly is a very basic girl. It all started when my bangs reached that unbearable length in which you would prefer to give them up for adoption instead of being stuck with them. Since that’s not a feasible option you start finding sneaky ways to avoid wearing them out. Mine was using black clips, that are hardly visible in my dark hair, to keep the hair out of my face.

Then, during Copenhagen Fashion Week I started to spice things up with glittery hair clips. I felt bold. So bold. Friends like to tell me I look like a 12-year-old while wearing them but I don’t mind. So many girls (Lotta & Emma)  were rocking them at CPHFW so I felt like I fitted in just fine. Recently, my bangs reached an okay-growing-out length, which is why I like to wear them out but have my hair at least a little out of my face, which made me start to use lots of bigger or medium sized hair clips as pictured above. Nisi & Desi have THE BEST selection of glittery big hair clips and they wear them so well.

Last but not least – the scrunchy. Special thanks to Anais for making me buy my own scrunchy so that I wouldn’t be stealing yours all the time anymore. She definitely got me obsessed there. They are so comfy and still work really well as my hair gets less creased (if that makes sense) and it stays fairly wavy.

All these hair accessories made me feel nostalgic as I was really big on hair clips as a girl but you know you grow out of that phase pretty quickly. It’s a nice way to feel a little girly and remember to have some fun, too. Especially, if you are a minimalist at heart like me.

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