Mint is a thing: Featuring Arket Knit

8. September 2018


knit c/o ARKET  |  cycling shorts AMAZON  |  jewellery c/o MARIA BLACK  |  pumps ACNE STUDIOS


Who else is sick and tired of my bangs? Yes? No? Well, I AM! What might be a less controversial topic than my bangs – yes I am being difficult, but, it’s been a hot discussion lately – is the fact that autumn is slowly creeping in. It’s still hot during the day but it gets chilly at night. As you all know, autumn is my very favourite season when it comes to getting dressed. It’s important to stress the fact that I am talking about early autumn, those fairy tale days, during which it’s the perfect temperature to wear a pair of mum jeans, a pair of converse sneakers, a t-shirt and a burberry trenchcoat. Or as pictured above a typical Cali winter look: my ARKET minty mohair knit, a pair of cycling shorts (for that sporty vibe) and my beloved pair of ACNE STUDIOS suede pumps. I am very big on the whole cycling shorts trend and still feel bad about the fact that I had been saying that it would be the LAST trend I would ever join. Look at me now. Have you ever encountered a trend that you thought you would never ever join and ended up doing exactly that? And loving it?



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