New Arrivals: September Tones

12. September 2018


knit MANGO  |  coat &OTHERSTORIES  |  bag SIMON MILLER  |  trousers &OTHERSTORIES

earrings MANGO  |  loafers MANGO  |  sandals THE ROW



With September, autumn is slowly creeping along. Some of you will be more thrilled about these news than others. Yours truly likes the idea of warm autumn days but the greyness that’s soon to overcome Berlin again is far from anything I am longing for. Which is also why I want to be embracing light colors for one more month since I know once it’s grey in the city again I will be much more tempted to dark colors such as black, dark green, grey, maybe a midnight blue here and there. In my head, autumn means white mom jeans, a chunky knit here and there or a t-shirt & coat combo. What does autumn mean for you? Which color combos to you wear most often?



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