The Midi Dress Collection: Featuring William Fan

13. September 2018



jewellery c/o MARIA BLACK  |  s-necklace CELINE (sold out)

How do I put this? I recently decided it’s a great idea to invest in beautiful midi dresses. Okay okay, on me those ‘midi dresses’ are a mix of midi and maxi. Let’s call it a mixi? Maybe not. I love a good dress but somehow always end up opting for a wide pair of trousers instead. Probably, because dresses are still somewhat associated with my 16-year-old self that would wear very fitted dresses (short, too). We have all been there for sure and honestly, I have zero regrets regarding that time of my life. But, I still wouldn’t choose to go back. So this summer midi dresses have been on my mind a lot. Unfortunately, I am always disappointed with the high street versions because

a) light-colored dresses are ALWAYS see through. Can it really be this hard to produce a dress that won’t show my panties…

b)  the materials are more than often disappointing. If I wear a maxi or midi dress I want it to feel heavenly on my body because, well, it will be covering most of me.

Hence, I have started to look elsewhere for those midi dresses. I had been eying on the TOTEME torino dress for the past couple of weeks as my friends and family will gladly tell you. Last week, I finally purchased previously mentioned dress. More on that soon – I promise. That same week one of my all-time favorite Berlin-based designers WILLIAM FAN had a private sale in his Berlin Boutique. The above-pictured dress is what I went home with (and maybe more). William Fan has Chinese roots and every collection showcases different elements of Chinese culture. While doing my little research on him I  found the following statement describing his style “Bruce Lee and Jil Sander meet and go dancing together in Studio 54.”. He further aims to make boundaries disappear in his collections which is why there is no man, no woman, no specific age group being targetted with each collection. Do I really need to say more about him or why I love his designs?

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  1. This dress looks awesome! I like it :-*

    Melanie / Goldzeitblog

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