The Arket Coat: How I became Sherlock Holmes

11. December 2018

coat c/o ARKET  |  knit MANGO  |  sunglasses CELINE

bag CELINE  |  leggins ZARA  |  boots MANGO  |  jewellery c/o MARIA BLACK 

It’s time to wrap yourself in your warmest coats again – winter has arrived in Berlin. With that being said, these photos were taken on the single sunny day we have had in Berlin the last couple of weeks. It’s been grey, cold and windy in the city. After much resistance from my side, my body has finally given up and I am in bed with a cold. You get sick when you least want to and of course, really don’t have time for it, right?

When I first saw this long ARKET coat on their website I knew I had to have it no matter what. It’s a heavy, thick woollen coat and since I am only 1,68m it’s nearly touching the ground if I wear flat shoes. Hence, perfect coverage in winter! Even if I wanted to I can’t give myself the credit for bringing up the Sherlock Holmes comparison – it was my friends really. The longer I look at it the more I see it, too. Thus, I added some of my favorite accessories to make it a little less Sherlock and a little more me. As much as I want to call the CELINE box bag my own, it was only borrowed from Anais. The sunglasses are also CELINE (note: from the Philo era). Jewellery is as always Maria Black, we all know I have a weakness for the Scandinavian jewellery brand.


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