All Black: Featuring Celine Clasp Bag

14. December 2018

knit MANGO  |  shirt c/o FABLE  |  trousers MANGO  |  scarf MANGO

boots MANGO  |  bag CELINE  |  necklace CELINE  |  sunglasses GUCCI

We all have our safe choices when it comes to outfits, right? This autumn my safe choice has been the turtleneck & shirt combo. It’s so easy to wear and it gives you an extra layer – every layer is important in Berlin once the temperatures drop. Of course, you have to make sure you won’t end up looking like the mean stepmother when you style the look. I made sure to add some MANGO heeled boots (which look very similar to the old Celine ones) as well as a bright blue scarf casually hung over one shoulder. Anything casually worn over one shoulder is a thing for me right now. While we have seen a lot of people style the double sweater trend on the gram lately, that somehow didn’t feel right for me. On an exciting side note – thanks so my new scarf I finally wore my 2017 GUCCI sunglasses again that were left – half-forgotten – in my sideboard. They are such a great pair of sunglasses, really. While I love my CELINE ones, which I have been wearing like an obsessed person, I want to try and give my 288402409 other sunglasses a chance to shine, too.

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