Tokyo: Changing Perspectives

16. December 2018






It is 19:22 in Tokyo, Japan which means 11:22 in Berlin, Germany. 8 hours and 9 time zones apart it felt like it was time to turn my world upside down. Getting a completely new experience by flying to the other side of the world and inhaling a new surrounding, a new culture and a new perspective on life.

“The world changes when we change our perspectives.”

In my day to day life it happens that I lose eye for the environment around me, the beauty of it. Everything tends to get ordinary until it is not special anymore. I guess that’s a feeling everyone who’s working in a creative field knows in some way or another.
However a new place has the power to catch attention again, to make me look closely and get inspired by the novelty of the place. That’s the reason why travelling is so important for my creative work.

The second reason is to become part of another culture or at least experience it, recognizing the differences and maybe to adopt one or the other. Something very special about the Japanese culture is the way of thinking as a society. The society itself is so precious that the individual subordinates himself to the community. The people are more mindful and considerate of each other and their environment.

While taking a part of MYKKE HOFMANN with me on this trip, I wanted to create a new perspective on clothes, create a connection between the city and myself as the locals live the connection to each other and their environment every day. So I was drifting through different parts of the city, looking for things that touched me in some way. Maybe because of a little detail or the whole view. What directly caught my eye were the exterior facades of many of Tokyo’s buildings. Everywhere in the city, you can see grids, grids in any shapes. It felt like the graphic pattern of the blazer and skirt was just made for being worn in the city of grids, as I like to call Tokyo as a nickname from now on. Inspired by this optical connection between the grids and the pattern I wanted to create a series out of pictures that reflect their environment in some way and create a symbiosis between the city and myself wearing MYKKE HOFMANN.

In other words: You could try to play a special version of memory, trying to find the uneven matching pictures.

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