RED (exclamation mark)

30. December 2018


blazer &OTHERSTORIES  |  knit ARKET  |  trousers c/o FINERY  |  shoes DR MARTENS

jewellery c/o MARIA BLACK

Just before 2018 ends, I have managed (with some manpower) to put the last bits and pieces on the wall of my bedroom. Still being in high spirit of the previous day’s achievements I was drawn to this red knit when I visited my local ARKET shop. I usually opt out when trying on colorful pieces like this turtleneck but somehow I was quite convinced when trying the later. Which is how it ended up in my wardrobe. Being quite excited about my newest purchase I wore it that same night for a dinner date and the next day again. Fun fact: I often don’t wear new purchases for quite some time to continue feeling like I bought something “new” – to trick myself really. That day I also took these snaps to document my new liking of bold colors. May this day be marked with three Xs in my personal calendar.

On a whole different note, the year 2018 has been more than bold. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and more than once I needed my friends to convince me that it was all gonna be just fine. And that you can really achieve anything you want if you just work hard enough for it to happen. Going all freelance was the biggest step in my life so far and only 2019 will tell if it’s gonna work out or not but I am excited for everything that’s coming at me next year.


Photos by Julia.

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