Offline is the new luxury

23. June 2015

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We are living at a high speed, everyone is constantly updating themselves and everyone around them on various social media channels. Often we spend more time looking at our instagram feeds than actually talking to friends when we are meeting up for lunch. Even on holidays we can’t stop sharing our experiences. Is it only a real experience if we can share it with other people? When have we appreciated a moment only for ourselves for the last time?

I feel like I have to constantly be online and upload my instagram feed since it’s an essential part of a bloggers life. I have been sick the last couple of days and did not have any content nor the energy to maintain my instagram or the blog. Instead of letting myself have some rest I was thinking about my blog all the time. While this is a good thing to a specific extend you can end up putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

At the end of the day you always need to ask yourself if you live your life the way you want it to live! If you feel like the online world is taking over your life sometimes make sure to allow yourself some offline time. Trust me after being offline for a bit you come back a lot more motivated and probably with a million new ideas!

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  1. I totally agree with you! Blogging full time while travelling or working full time is quite the challenge! But it’s good to have several meltdowns, because after them you really understand your main goal or your main vibe you started your project with!
    I guess you just have to embrace it and let it pass to feel more inspired !

    great blog btw, keeping in touch,
    Liva /

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! And I totally agree with what you said sometimes you need a little down to come back stronger x

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