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22. April 2015


Everyone who has a blog that is dedicated to personal style knows this problem: How to find the right setting for your outfit shootings? Every single time it’s a hassle – so I have some tips for you that always help me to decide on a setting.



1. Consider what vibe your shooting should have: Is it supposed to look like a streetstyle shooting? Very casual and out of your daily life? Than a nice street might work just fine for you! It get’s a bit more tricky if you want to create a very clean style. Honestly I never thought it could be so difficult to find a nice white wall with nice ground in Maastricht but actually it is quite difficult. For my latest outfit post here, I wanted to have a cool background which adds to that sporty vibe of the outfit – here my tip are modern buildings with a lot of glas or any material that will look interesting.


2. Always think about the timing of your shooting. If you take your photos at midday never shoot in the broad daylight because the photos will not turn out nice and your face will most likely be overexposed. Better choose a setting in the shade then – nobody will notice it’s in the shade anyways – a little proof here.


3. Last but not least don’t forget to consider other people when choosing your location! There might be locations that fit your requirements but they might be very busy on a saturday afternoon or whenever you plan to take photos. If you don’t mind posing in front of people or having them in your photos you probably do not have to consider this. Personally, I don’t like having people in the background of my outfit shoots and you don’t know how many times they have ruined the perfect photo.

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  1. Hello Breda! I normally don’t appear myself in my blog, but it’s very interesting to have these tips in case I do it one day!

    Here my latest post about how Coachella is boosting relations between Fashion brands and social influencers.

    More at the link!

  2. Awesome tips! I think you want to forced on consideration. Yeas consideration is a great thinks to gain success.

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