Week 20

31. May 2017


This is a much overdue and a little shameful weekly update. I havent updated you for over a month probably closer to two months now. But there has been a lot going on the first thing being my Mac Book giving up on me and with that my abilities to edit my images the way I want to for my beloved online editorials. This being said I have also been traveling a lot and my two harddrives are filled with images I want to share with you. However, as every creative person I have high expectations regarding my own work and regarding what I put online. I dont want to just show you my outfits the editing and everything that evolves around it is as much part of the process for me as the outfit selection.

While I dont want to blame my terrible coordination skills to my University activities – because really I am not overly occupied by it – I do attend my classes and I like to spend my days exploring Taipei. I have around 3 weeks left in this incredible city and trust me I am already starting to feel upset about leaving this incredible country. More on Taiwan at a different time because it deserves its very own blog post.

For now I have decided to work this blog without the help of Lightroom or Photoshop and get over my own expectations for a bit. And maybe (probably not) my laptop will get fixed after all.

P.S.: The talented Sophie, founder of the Fable, has launched her new collection of minimal silk shirts. I have introduced her label a while ago in this blog post and last week a beautiful silk shirt in my current favorite shade Egyptian sand landed on my doorstep.

"5" Comments

  1. Oh no…what a nightmare with your MacBook! (My MacBook is my life!) But I really like the photos in this post 🙂 I’ve never been to Taiwan, this sounds so interesting.

  2. Ach wie übel das ist! Der Beitrag ist trotzdem super geworden, die Fotos sehen auch so klasse aus!! Taiwan tönt ja sehr spannend, freu mich schon auf den ausführlichen Post!
    Liebst, Mirjam |

  3. WOW, die Bilder sind ohne Photoshop entstanden? Das ist der Wahnsinn! Ganz tolle Stimmung und Farbgebung!! Love it <3
    Weißt du schon, wo es danach hingeht??

  4. Probably your Taiwan tour was not as good as you thought, BTW I like your whole photographs.

  5. Ach, du Arme! Ich leide wirklich mit dir mit bez. deines MacBooks! Aber die Fotos sind ja wirklich der absolute hammer, auch ohne Photoshop und Co! Und Wahnsinn, dass du schon wieder nur noch 3 Wochen in Taiwan bist, wie die Zeit vergeht!

    Liebst, Sarah-Allegra

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