Golden City: Featuring Stutterheim Coat

12. November 2018


coat c/o STUTTERHEIM  |  rollneck c/o FUNKTIONSCHNITT  |  leggins ZARA  |  bag MANGO

sunglasses CELINE (black)  |  shoes PRADA

Returning to the city I had spend half a year at last year really did feel like coming home. It’s funny how home can become any place as long as you feed it with meaningful human connections, your favourite coffee shop and of course your late night food craving dealer. At the same time, when I left Taipei 15 months ago I knew returning would always be a bittersweet experience. One will never return to the same place twice, mostly because you, yourself, will have changed. But, also because it’s likely that your favourite coffee shop has moved on while you were gone. It’s a melancholy that is as much part of travelling and experiencing the world as the joy that comes with it. It’s always been that way for me, I live as much for the melancholy as for the joy of travelling. Perhaps, because the melancholy will only be experienced if you pour a little of yourself into any place you go.

Melancholy is also at the core of Swedish raincoat company STUTTERHEIM. Many of you will know the brand by now as they make the most beautiful, high-quality raincoats on the market. The story of STUTTERHEIM goes something like this Alexander, its founder, finds his grandfather’s old raincoat in an abandoned barn on the island of Arholma in the Stockholm archipelago. Driven by the strongest possible feeling of melancholy he decides to make a modern version of the classic old fisherman’s raincoat. The rest is history – it’s really the only raincoat brand that has ever managed to stay in my mind. Thus, I was so thrilled to be able to create this edit with STUTTERHEIM featuring the LUND coat in high gloss rubberized cotton while being back in Taipei.

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