A Home Story: Part II featuring Rack Buddy

15. December 2017

racks c/o RACKBUDDY  |  bag c/o MONSERAT DE LUCCA  |  boots &OTHERSTORIES

 The second part of my home story in Berlin is about RACKBUDDY, a brand I came across while searching for a new clothing rack that is not from Ikea and that matches my personal preferences for home decor: minimalistic, timeless, but comforting. If I come home after a long day I want my home to feel like home. As much as I love all the super minimalistic granite places it wouldn’t be fore me. Or at least I would need a massive wooden table in my home to add some warmth.

But let’s go 3 steps back again; RACKBUDDY is a Danish design brand that specializes in all your unmet clothing rack desires. “Design. Build. Make it yours.” is what they put at their core. Being able to customize the clothing racks in a way that they suit you individually. Use them in your personal location and create something unique. I used Sebastian, the small rack that was put in the wall, to make my bed area a little more comfortable and to use the huge space I have due to my extremely high ceilings (Berlin Altbau for the win).  I am using both Sebastian and Jesper to showcase my favourite coats, blazers and knits as well as some of my favourite bags as I feel they all add a personal touch to my home. Every time someone comes into my room and sees the racks they automatically look at me and say “this is so you”. Which is exactly what I want to accomplish when I decorate my own space.

P.S.: They have a great campaign running at the moment, in which they choose one lucky winner that gets the money back for their purchased rackbuddy. Participation is very easy all you have to do is post a photo of your rack in your home and tag @rackbuddy and use the hashtag #myrackbuddy

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