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30. December 2014


Yesterday the package from Ace & Tate with my try on glasses arrived at home. Ace & Tate are a dutch based glasses brand and it happens that I need new glasses. They have crossed my path on a couple of bloggers and instragram and I fell in love with A LOT of their designs. Alfred, Jane and Art are the designs that were sent to my house. To start with my face is not the easiest with glasses, they often look too big or it looks like my eyebrows are not in a horizontal line (and they actually aren’t). I love that all 3 designs were big but not too big like a lot of the current style glasses. I have tried on so many glasses in the last couple of months and was happy to see that all 3 designs actually fitted in my face! Therefore, for me the opportunity to try them on at home is a really great feature.




Obviously there is also a pair of glasses which are my absolute favorites and perfectly fit to my face. I will tell the secret when they finally are my new glasses! Which one do you like best? For all the readers that are from Berlin – they have a pop-up store in Berlin until end of January!



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