Suited: Featuring Arket Suit Pants

23. April 2019

blazer MANGO  |  tshirt ARKET  |  trousers c/o ARKET  |  sunglasses RETROSUPERFUTURE

  bag ROUJE  |  sneakers ADIDAS  |  jewellery MARIA BLACK

There is nothing more satisfying than an oversized black suit. There is also nothing more satisfying than wearing sneakers and being comfortable all day long. Now, the good news is you can have all of that in a single outfit. At least if you ask me.

The ARKET wide woolen pants have become my most worn item in no time. Every time I am reaching for a black pair of trousers I will end up selecting those – I am quite in love with the fit and the material feels especially comfortable on my skin. The ARKET white tee has been re-purchased the other month, which means I must be liking it a lot, right? I do hope ARKET will be releasing a more sustainable version of their white basic tee in the future. The blazer is a piece from MANGO, it’s a little thicker but also woolen and has an oversized not-so-structured fit. I had been searching for a more relaxed everyday black blazer for a while and I am excited to say that my black blazer collection feels complete now. Accessories are kept very simple with my ROUJE mini bag and my black sunglasses – both items that add a little french chic to any look if desired (looking french is always desired who am I trying to kid?).