Why do we associate striped Shirts with being french?

14. November 2014

Shirts from left to right: COS | Zara | Vintage | H&M | Brandymelville | Zara

If you see someone wearing a striped shirt, black pants and then imagine that someone is even smoking a cigarette you clearly associate the person with looking very french. First of all the french smoke a lot so the first assumption is all smokers being french. Second assumption would be that striped shirts and black pants make you french and now it’s getting interesting! The french onion sellers used to wear a striped shirt, black pants, a mustache and onions around the neck (at least I liked this assumption best). So now you have learned something new thanks to me and my blog – the whole striped shirt thing is going back to the onion sellers at french markets. As you can see from the amount of striped shirts I would like to be french (not necessary a french onion seller) – but lets be honest who wouldn’t? I think a lot of girls can relate to the oh so bad stripes addiction?!



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