A Visual Guide to Hong Kong II

20. June 2018


Yours truly has always felt like capturing moments was something I was born to do. Something that was my strength – I have always been quite average with everything else (in school for example). So sharing travel photos with you brings me endless joy, especially if I can make you feel just a tiny little bit the way I felt while experiencing those moments.

Storytelling, on the other hand, is something I have always struggled with. If I try to tell an anecdote to my friends they already know what they have got themselves into. Structuring thoughts and emotions into a story is to date a skill I admire most in others.

I am going to give it a shot anyway because what the heck! Most of the images from this diary were taken on the same day. A day that involved endless amounts of walking but about a million “ohhh”s and “ahhh”s, too. The morning was rather greyish but the sun started peaking out in the afternoon giving us some magical and very photogenic golden hours before the sun started setting. We took the tram to get to peak station to take another tram that would take us up to the actual peak. We were way too late as we had underestimated the time we would have to spend in the queue waiting for the tram. Rushing to the most scenic and less touristy spot to at least capture a glimpse of the setting sun (yeah that didn’t work out), we arrived with a tiny crowd of people. The sun had already settled but the sky started turning all sorts of purplish pink. All the lights of the bay start to pop up and the world was suddenly transformed. The day passed and night had arrived.

Some moments are so pure that it is impossible to explain them. For me, standing above the Hong Kong bay, feeling incredibly small and incredible big at the same time, like everything is possible if I only believe in it hard enough that was one of those moments.


Thank you for being such a great, kind and beautiful friend, Laura. Without you this trip wouldn’t have been the same.


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