Current Crush: Suit Pants

29. September 2014

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Yesterday I woke up really early because I had to go back to Maastricht (oh joy!) and I realized for the first time this year it smelled different outside. Finally fall has arrived for me, too! My fall crush this year are definitely all kind of knits, but that’s pretty obvious I guess everyone is craving on some knitwear as soon as they hear the word “fall”.

The crush I want to introduce to you today are suit pants. You have seen them on your favorite fashion bloggers, on pinterest and all over fashion week. Which isn’t really surprising because suit pants are timeless and give you that little extra elegance that you need. Or for me the little elegance you always wanted, but never quite had. I am still searching for the perfect wide pair of suit pants. My two current favorites are both from Zara unfortunately I haven’t seen them in the Maastricht store yet. I will definitely keep my eyes wide open for them since I really want to add a pair of these to my wardrobe.




What do you think about suit pants? Would you wear them wide and long? Or only to your ankle and slim fitted? Do you like them better with a nice print or in nude tones or black? So many options right?

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  1. vivien_noir says:

    I have a good (old) collection of straight wide legged suit Pants, heading a bit into the Marlenehosen-direction I always cherished. Right now, they do Appeal to me more than ever, but I still fail at Styling them in a way they don’t look like I’d be a banker or secretary. Usually my Styling skills don’t let me down, but here I’m stuck a bit, and therefore still collect inspo Pictures.
    I don’t like the cropped Versions here, and I dislike the carrot/cigarette shape here a lot, with roomy thighs and Slim ankles. This Silhouette just never appealed to me in any way.
    I’ll Keep trying and playing around with roomy Sweaters, side-slit-longtops and so on… I’m sure I can come up with a good up-to-date-Version of them.
    (Btw, sorry for my strange spelling, I’ve got some weird autocorrect going on when using this PC when typing in english. I can’t turn it off, so sorry for the eye-soring letters every few words.)

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