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8. May 2015



Paper Sack – Le Sac en papier

I haven’t had a interiør post in such a long time that I got all excited when my Le Sac en Papier that I won in beigerenegade giveaway a couple of weeks ago arrived! Le Sac en Papier is made from organic kraft paper and is 100% organic. It’s durable and reusable – just don’t throw it away! There are endless ways to decorate it and I think I like the idea to have it with a little plant. Unfortunately, no plant ever lives at my apartment because I am helpless with plants. So I thought maybe start with some flowers because they will die eventually and thats okay because that’s the lifecycle of flowers. For the people that are as helpless as me with everything green the Sac might be a good way to store all the wrapping paper and crafty stuff? Mine are always hidden away in a cupboard which I think is pretty sad considering that my wrapping paper is pretty cute!



Any other ideas on how to decorate the Le Sac en Papier in your apartment? I am open for inspiration! Maybe I could store all my extra blankets in there, too. I always have at least half a dozen different blankets in my bed as well as pillows… See I am drifting away again, but there are just so many ways to use it!


"4" Comments

  1. Oh, was für eine tolle Deko Idee. Die Blumen in der Tüte finde ich toll 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Fiona

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Dankeschön ihr beiden! Ich bin wirklich sehr begeistert von meinem Papiersack 🙂

  2. Einfach nur wunderschön!!! Und toll dekoriert!

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