A new lover

26. February 2018


blazer c/o &OTHERSTORIES  |  jeans MONKI  |  jewellery c/o MARIA BLACK

watch c/o ROSEFIELD  |  t-shirt c/o FUNKTIONSCHNITT

I have added my first plaid blazer to my wardrobe about 1 1/2 years ago. Since then much has changed I moved from the Netherlands to Taipei just to end up in Berlin. For now, that’s the last stop (the emphasis definitely lies on the words for now). Some things never seem to change though at one of them is my endless love to that plaid blazer. I will be honest with you here; a lot of plaid blazers have been making my heart skip a beat but I always reminded myself that there is a perfectly fine blazer hanging in my wardrobe ready to be worn out. Now, as the blog title already suggests yours truly has found a serious competitor to my lovely H&M trend blazer. It won’t come as a surprise to you that it is from another great Swedish brand &OTHERSTORIES.

It felt like it was time to invest in another blazer and while they are both plaid you will all agree with me that they are significantly different (by now I do sound like I am trying to explain a male counterpart why another piece has moved into my wardrobe). Firstly, this new sample piece is shorter in length and second, it is a thinner wool material. Last but definitely not least, I like to wear my &OTHERSTORIES blazer with mum jeans and generally blue denim, whereas I have always prefered wearing my old plaid blazer with black wide pants. So, in the end, it’s all a matter of styling.


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  1. Such a cool look! I love your blazer <3
    xx Ama


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