H&M Studio A/W 2014 Haul

5. September 2014







Knits | H&M Studio A/W 2014

After introducing you to the H&M Studio A/W Collection 2014 yesterday I want to show you the pieces of the Collection that are part of my wardrobe now. As I have told you before the oversized shearling jacket was not available in Maastricht – a real shame. The oversized long coat was available but to be honest i looked hilarious in it, its a small people issue. The dark blue woolen dress was also not available – but I will check for that on the weekend, because I really fell in love with it. I really loved the white oversized bomber kind of coat but I just didn’t see myself in it – I still know that I will get jealous at every blogger that will wear it in the future. So what I got is: The woolen-camelhair turtleneck because it was just so soft and looked so good and I don’t have any items in my wardrobe that are camel/sand coloured so it was a MUST. The other turtleneck i got was the dark blue woolen knit. I love the little mesh cutouts which just make it the perfect turtleneck – also dark blue is not a colour that is very high in stock in my wardrobe. I am really happy with my items and can’t wait for autumn to arrive now (saying that it will be 25 degrees in Maastricht tomorrow – hello skirts, goodbye turtlenecks).