Inspo – Minimal Christmas Decoration

1. November 2021


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For the last five or six years I have never decorated the places I lived at at that time. It was mostly because I never celebrate at my home but instead with my family in the home I grew up in. However, this year is the first year things will be different. For the first time it feels like my little family is together for the festive days. You have to know last year around this time we were nervous and excited to become dog parents just before the holidays, which also meant not really being in the headspace to decorate our home. Especially, if you think about how much pee and poo we had to clean off the floor the first month or so… BUT to get back to the actual topic of this blog post I am looking for inspiration right now to decorate our own home in a minimalistic way and also without having to buy too much “christmasy” decoration that i won’t be able to use during the year because that is just a waste. A huge inspo here is Nisi – last year her Christmas decorations were so stunning and I definitely want to try the dried orange garland for our living room probably paired with pine tree. I will keep you updated on our DIY progress!