It’s a beige mood

23. October 2019

shirt UNIQLO  |  tshirt ARKET  |  trousers UNIQLO  |  bag COMME DES GARCONS

jewellery MARIA BLACK  |  sneakers REEBOK

Golden October hasn’t really stood up to its name until this week when it was sunny and warm for two consecutive days, which was enough time for me to shoot two looks which you can probably only wear in a 3 week span in Berlin every year. But they have been on on repeat – this set has literally been glued to my body ever since its been purchased. The shirt has been sold out everywhere in Germany and I have found the one perk of having a long distance relationship with a man in London – he grabbed me the last shirt in beige. That’s how a great love story with the UNIQLO set began.

Since then my local barista complimented me on it, multiple friends tried to source the beige shirt somewhere in Germany and even my mum, usually not the greatest fan of my all oversized everything looks, has come around and told me how good this set looks on me.