Spanish Sahara

29. August 2019


shirt COS  |  dress COS  |  shoes COS  |  sunglasses RETROSUPERFUTURE

jewellery VINTAGE or CELINE

Every year I say I am a little closer to finding my capsule wardrobe. Seeing what I have been wearing last year and what I have been wearing this year around I can happily say that some of my old favourites still are that: favourites (especially this linen suit from last season). On the other hand, I have definitely found some new ones this summer. The midi dress and the additional extremely oversized white shirt have become my go to outfit for running errands, meeting friends for a coffee, having quick not-so-official work meetings and with the right bright red lipstick (lipstick of choice: CHARLOTTE TILBURY tell laura) the perfect evening aperol spritz look, too.

I am not sure what it is about the midi dress & shirt combo but whenever I put it on in the morning I a) feel incredibly comfortable (the ripped cotton COS dress is a life changer really) and b) well prepared for anything the day might through at me – okay I am still not prepared for the occasional iced coffee spill. Since I more and more have to work with a wide range of clients day to day and be presentable most of my days the power-yet-comfy dressing has become an art I increasingly wish to master. While I used to work in my pjs from home I now most days wear some sort of home wear or in the case at hand the midi dress and white shirt combo. Does this mean I am growing up slowly after all?