Living in the South: Toteme Dress

20. March 2019

dress TOTEME (sold out) |  heels ZARA  |  bag borrowed by DESI  |  sunglasses CELINE

My aspiration for the future is to live somewhere in the south of France, having mild winters and burning hot summers, drinking wine in the afternoon, reading and painting (dunno how I will be making money but that’s not the point about dreams right?). Maybe it’s this look that makes me dream of such future or the sheer amount of times I have watched CALL ME BY YOUR NAME this winter. Anyhow, this look would be my daily uniform in such a scenario. The breezy TOTEME dress that I am still loving every time I put it on partnered with red ZARA strappy heels with an oh not so high heel. Comfort comes first also in the South of France. I added a pink glittery hair clip and borrowed DESI’S bag. The whole look is a bit of a mix and match but I quite enjoy it – sometimes it’s nice to take a short break of a perfect curated uniform to something a little more playful, even for me!

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