February on Film

15. March 2019


February was a busy month with a fair bit of travelling happening in between. I drove to Munich to celebrate my big brothers 30th birthday. It seems like we aren’t getting any younger and got to see the whole family. I spend some time in Paris to see two of my favorite French people and stop by a couple of showrooms while in town. Actually, it was a birthday celebration weekend, too. Of course, I also spend some time in Berlin, I shot an editorial with Elisa, friends stayed over and the first sunsets at Mauerpark were enjoyed with a beer in one hand and a smile on my face.

As some of you know I am a sucker for analogue photography and tried my first black and white film after 6 years of only using colored film. I was quite nervous because I wanted it to be a special film with lots of great images. For me analogue photography is quite like an art form, it takes much more precision and consideration as you will only get that one shot. I love digital photography, don’t get me wrong. Editing is one of my all time favorite things to do but shooting analogue has a rawness digital photography can’t compete with. When I picked up the black and white film I was positively surprised – I hadn’t expected the photos to have such contrast and interesting elements. Black and white film is so much harder for me since details are quickly lost or things that would come out on a colored film will not come out the same way on b&w film. On the other hand, I like that I am much more considerate when shooting on b&w film, I try to imagine what something looks like in b&w and if the image still makes sense to the viewer then.


all photos were taken with a Yashica fx3 on Kodak b&w film ISO200

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  1. Aw I love these. The mood is so beautiful and different. They remind me of my first solo trip overseas back to 2001 when I landed in Munich in the snow. It is such a beautiful memory of exploring an entirely new place in the cold!
    Please keep these posts coming! xx Jenelle

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