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1. April 2015


Dress – H&M Trend

A couple of weeks ago I wandered into H&M expecting my local store to sell the SS Studio collection. Unfortunately I got disappointed. Actually I was so disappointed that I was about to run out of the shop but something caught my sight… It was bright colored. To be precise, it was royal blue. A real color – not black, white or grey. I don’t really know what happened but next thing I remember is me in the changing room trying on that royal blue dress and falling in love with it.

2 minutes later I was outside of H&M with a shopping bag containing a royal blue dress. I can’t wait to style it for you in summer and I don’t regret anything. Most of the time impulse buying is just bad. However, sometimes if you are really lucky something like the royal blue dress happens. Trust me I have taken it out of my wardrobe so many times since I have it because it’s still so pretty and different than literally ALL my other pieces.


Since I couldn’t find the dress on the H&M website I have some alternatives for you:


"2" Comments

  1. Will look amazing with both trainers and nude heels!

    Lauren x


  2. sophievandaniels says:

    Thank you hun! Yes styling it down with some sneakers! xx

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