The Pajama Set – And how to wear it out in public

15. October 2019

coat VINTAGE BURBERRY  | pj set IVY & OAK (currently on sale)   |  bag CELINE  |  heels ZARA

My love for sets is ever growing and it somehow hasn’t been satisfied with my daisy set OR my blushy pink suit. I have added a PJ inspired set by IVY & OAK to my collection of sets recently and its been life changing. I have been wearing it out so much – it’s this silky like material and incredibly comfortable. It definitely feels like wearing your PJ’s out for work but thanks god pretty much anything is allowed in fashion as long as you wear it with confidence. Once in a full moon I will not feel like wearing the whole set and I will opt for the stripy trousers only and a big oversized blazer on top. This set has made my life 100% easier and I cannot imagine how I have managed to get dressed before sets were a thing again.

Besides this set being a) incredibly comfortable and b) very easy to style I am happy to wear IVY & OAK pieces since they are committed to sustainability and use either environmental friendly materials or they recycle materials once harmful to the environment and make beautiful new clothes from them. I have added a couple of wardrobe stamples from IVY & OAK such as my leather culottes that you all seemed to love, a pair of beige suit pants and now the pj set. Most of them I have had in my wardrobe for a while now and very happy about the quality and longevity of each piece.