A Sneak Peek into our hotel room

11. June 2015




I am writing this while enjoying a turkish tea in front of my hotel room. I can also still hear the turkish music coming from the beach (it was turkish night at the hotel). I feel like I am in heaven – I think everyone knows by now that I am on holidays with my boyfriend in Turkey at the Kemer Holiday Club. It was all quite last minute because well let’s just say we did not quite know where we wanted to go. I am so glad we finally decided on the Kemer Holiday Club and even though it’s a typical all inclusive hotel with the oh so typical club entertainment it’s one of the smaller club hotels and you can still enjoy your nights away from the hotel program. Because I really love our hotel room I thought I would share some photos of it with you guys. The bathroom is fantastic – the shower has room for at least 4 people – yes that is something that impresses me since I live in a student flat and my shower has room for not more than one person.





Even though I am a big sucker for monochrome spaces I think the hotel room fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the area. I liked the light earth tones and my little reading place next to the window (who hasn’t always dreamed of having a place like that?). Honestly I could spend a lifetime in this hotel room and for once I did not have any problems with the beds – I can’t stand changing from my bed into a new one. If you have been thinking about a holiday in Turkey you should definitely consider Kemer – what is more impressive than such a beautiful beach view? I am head over heels in love with the mountains in the background and the crystal clear ocean!


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  1. Das klingt alles traumhaft schön! Geniess noch deinen Urlaub!

    Liebst, Bina

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Vielen Dank Bina! Leider bin ich ja schon wieder zu Hause. Urlaub ist einfach immer viel zu schnell vorbei!

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