A Visual Guide to Singapore’s Cloud Forest

1. May 2018

WHERE gardens by the bay, cloud forest


open 9AM to 9PM

ticket price for two conservatories
adult/senior: $28
child (3-12 years old): $15


The cloud forest and I definitely didn’t have the best start. Singapore was our shortest stop with only 3 full days. On the first day, we had already planned to go to Arab Street and Little India as well as the surroundings. For the following day, we had planned to visit the cloud forest at gardens by the bay. However, after checking the website for online tickets it came apparent that the two Conservatories (one is the cloud forest and the other one is the flower dome) are closed one day each month. Keep in mind it’s a different day for each of them so at least one of the two is open. Of course, that day the cloud forest was closed, which had us change plans again. We squeeze it in the next day, which was also our last day.

I am beyond happy we did manage to go because we would have really missed a one of a kind tourist attraction – after all, it’s not more than that. But the cloud forest is beautifully set up and doesn’t feel like a tourist attraction if you block out the Chinese tourist groups. Once you are in the Conservatorium it feels like time stands still or at least passes a lot slower. Like someone changed the number of seconds there are to a minute. Make sure to read all the little information I added to the photos as they give more information about the cloud forest and its heritage as well as more details about the Conservatorium.


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