How to look fashionable whilst studying 24/7 for University?

17. September 2014

(from left to right) Gina Tricot, Tbar Australia, ZARA  


My answer is the flannel shirt. I like my flannels, I don’t care if they are so 80s style, lets be honest here: Is there really something more comfortable than your favorite flannel shirt with your favorite denim? Okay I am taking the whole affair to a new ground at the moment (read: I am totally in uni stress so I need some comfort clothing so I won’t just have a mental breakdown): combining it with leggins. Yes Yes I know horrible, right? I promise you guys will get to see an outfit which doesn’t contain any flannel as soon as possible – I  just need to take that test on friday and my life will be at its usual hectic again not at this crazy hectic that its now.



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