Hung Hom: House of Dagmar

13. May 2018


top c/o HOUSE OF DAGMAR  |  denim WEEKDAY  |  sandals c/o AGL SHOES

sunglasses GUCCI  |  jewellery c/o MARIA BLACK

This time around in Hong Kong we stayed with some of my best friends from my bachelor studies. They lived in the residential area of Hung Hom, which is part of Kowloon (mainland and not Hong Kong island). For yours truly, it was a great experience to not stay at a hotel in the city but explore the more residential areas of Hong Kong. The city is buzzling and of course, there are always a lot of tourists, too but as we stayed away from the hustle of the city centre (don’t get yourself fooled though – Hung Hom has it’s own city centre that is buzzling enough for me) we experience much more of peoples daily routines. That day we were strolling through the district when I discovered the basketball court which wasn’t on the street level but rather in line with the 1st or 2nd level of the surrounding buildings. And what better way to share this with you than shooting my favourite blouse there?

For some of the images for this blog post we sneeked up on a building that was or maybe was not a private Mercedes parking lot – at least every car in there was a Mercedes. The thing with sneeking up any building in Asia is that probably a dozen video cameras filmed you while doing it anyways (so it’s not really sneeking up, is it?). But nobody said anything after all so we figured it was fine to go to the top. It was definitely worth the view – the building was one of the higher buildings in the area and you had a view of the basketball court that we had seen from the street before.

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