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14. April 2015


Mules – Forever21

Just a quick update: the internet is not working at my apartment again – I will do everything I can so that all blogposts go online just like I planned them. It should also get fixed within the next days!

So now let’s talk business here for a minute. Have you ever bought the same item but in 2 or more colors? I do that sometimes with basic stuff but I have never actually done it with shoes / heels before. But there is a first for everything, right? These Forever21 mules are my first. And I couldn’t be happier with them. I mean I still long for the Tibi mules but I am not ready for such a serious commitment (read: the price tag is still to high & they are sold out everywhere). I think these are the perfect low budget version of a classic minimalistic pair of mules – just how I like my wardrobe.








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