The Row Bindle Bag Mini Review

21. November 2022


The Row Bindle bag


There is a new bag in town – or in my wardrobe. I did it! I splurged on the Bindle bag by the Row. I have been obsessing over this bag for a very long time but wasn’t ready to buy especially since I had never tried the bag on. Can you imagine buying a bag you never tried on before? Well I couldn’t either. But if you are a the Row stand just like me you will know how difficult it is to get your hands on the Row bags. They either sell out super fast or they are just not available outside of the United States.

Ok I am straying from the topic at hand. So I bought this bag via Vestiaire Collective a couple of weeks ago which is why it’s only a mini review at this point. It’s a very simple super soft calf skin leather bag that has no pockets inside, no zip, no nothing. To me, it’s the perfect understated, almost boring, timeless bag. I can see myself wearing it throughout my adulthood and never getting tired of it. For most people its probably a no go that the bag doesnt have a zipper however a lot of my bags have no zipper and if they do I have it open 99% of the time. Due to its design, the bag is super light weight for its size which is always a win for me. To be really transparent with you the only minus about this bag that I can so far find is that due to the softness of the leather the bag has to be filled with silk paper whenever I am not wearing it and I hang it up in my wardrobe as otherwise the leather bends and creases which I am trying to avoid at all cost!