A color party

4. February 2019

One snowy morning Elisa and I met in a studio in Berlin to play around with colors and backdrops. What came from it is an editorial about color coordination and classic gym posing. Natural light was a limited resource that day but not feeling all too optimistic for studio light either, we still went for the natural light (well the very dark natural light given that day).

Creative blues can easily hit you come start of the new year especially after a couple of offline days, that is if you restrict yourself to leaving your mobile devices on flight modus during most of the Christmas feasting, just like I did. Surprisingly enough, it felt very good to start our shooting with nothing particular in mind except the outfits at hand, which had been styled the evening prior to the shooting. Sometimes all you need is a kick-ass playlist, provided by yours truly, of course, a model and stylist as talented as Elisa, who willingly tried any pose I made her do and a studio for yourself.

So with no further writing let me introduce “A Color Party”


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