Another month another leather coat

23. May 2019

leather coat VINTAGE  |  tshirt ARKET  |  trousers ARKET  |  sunglasses VINTAGE


2019 has definitely been the year of the leather coat for me and many Berliners. No city I have been to  has showcasted so many people wearing leather coats. Even in NY it seemed like I was quite the eyecatcher with my Matrix like black leather coat. Luckily, I had decided last minute that I wanted to bring the coat cause as you probably know from my Instagram Stories by now it was pouring down for 3 days in a row and temperatures dropped to an uncomfortable 9 degrees in mid may – which is always fun you know? NY was beautifully moody and I can’t wait to show you some of the photos I took on my analog camera. So don’t worry I think we made the very best out of the bad weather.

Personally, I style my leather coats with my basic essentials 99% of the time. My wide woolen trousers from ARKET have been repeatedly featured in the past outfit posts on the blog and I am not mad. They are the perfect amount of baggy and have the exact right length to be worn with most of my shoes. Additionally, I was wearing my ARKET heavy cotton tee. There are currently 3 of them in my wardrobe because I am a sucker for a good basic tee and will usually buy it a couple of times just to be sure. You know the worst thing that can happen is that a brand changes the design (even if it’s just slightly) of your favorite basic tee. Accessories are kept simple but impactful with a pair of vintage statement sunglasses featuring orange glasses and my beloved pierce bag which matches the sunglasses perfectly.