Guerlain Beauty – La Petite Robe Noire

22. November 2016


Miniature Fragrances La Petite Robe Noire – Guerlain

The key characteristics of both fragrances would suggest that they are rather feminine and sweet fragrances and while I do agree with that they both also have a more maskuline heavy side which is musk for the Ma Robe Sous Le Vent and black tea for the Ma Premiere Robe. Every person is different and that is why every fragrance develops a unique twist on each person. My skin always seems to bring out the more heavy side in perfumes, which I generally prefer as well. It was no different with the two Guerlain fragrances and while they aren’t fragrances that I would usually pick first when trying something new they definitely passed my criterias!


La Petite Noire Lipstick colour black perfecto – Guerlain

You know those people that stick to their opinion no matter what? While I wouldn’t usually count me as one of those people when it comes to lipsticks I pledge guilty. I don’t like shiny lipsticks – at all. Once again Guerlain managed to prove me otherwise. The texture of the La Petite Robe Noire is very light and leaves your lips soft, moisturized and shiny. The shininess is very subtle and doesn’t bother me with this particular lipstick. I tested the lipstick in the shade black perfecto and when I first opened it I was a little worried about how dark the shade looked but there is nothing to worry about the colour is much lighter on the lips. It really just darkens your own lip colour a couple of shades but adds a lot of volume to them in the process.


La Petite Robe Noire Nailpolish colour red bow tie – Guerlain

Let’s just all take a second to appreciate the beautiful packaging of the nail polish. I haven’t actually tried the nail polish on just yet because the thunderstorm colored nails just fit the current weather oh so well. I was a little surprised though when I opened the lid just to realize that the nail polish didn’t smell like nail polish at all. It is scented after the La Petite Robe Noire fragrances! I will definitely give the red bow tie color a try over the festive days in December.



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"13" Comments

  1. Von Guerlain habe ich noch nie etwas getestet, ich werde auf jeden Fall mal an den Düften schnuppern:)

    Liebe Grüße
    Luisa |

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Ich hatte zuvor auch keine Erfahrung mit den Beauty Produkten von Guerlain und war umso überraschter. Der Lippenstift ist mein absoluter Favorite!

  2. They are extremely cute dear! Made my day, thanks for sharing!

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Thanks so much babe! I love the miniature fragrances – how cute? xx

  3. Ahh, ich möchte den Lippenstift unbedingt an dir sehen <3

    xx Aydan //

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Ich werde versuchen ihn mal bei einem Outfit Post zu tragen – der ist wirklich sooo toll!

  4. aww wie süß die miniaturen aussehen! von dem lippenstift hab ich schon mal von einer freundin gehört, sie war voll begeistert!

    alles liebe,

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Jaa kann deiner Freundin da auch nur zustimmen – der ist so genial!

  5. Niemand setzt Produkte so toll in Szene wie Du! Und heute habe ich festgestellt, dass das nicht nur im Fashion-Bereich so ist. Wirklich schöner Beitrag meine Liebe 🙂

    x Anaïs

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Ohh was für ein tolles Kompliment! Vielen Dank Anais <33

  6. Wunderschön in Szene gesetzt ♥ Ich bin ganz verliebt!
    Liebst, Melina

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Vielen vielen Dank Melina <3

  7. Ich liebe besonders die Guerlain Lippenstifte schon ewig! Tolles Edit, meine liebe Sophie!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

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