July on Film

16. August 2019

July swept past like a sweet peachy dream. Lots of work that had very little to do with my activities as a blogger and much more with my consultant part of working life. Which is the main reason it was so very quiet on the blog for so long. But it wasn’t all work there was also a lot of traveling and fun times. Some of the greatest people joined me for MELT festival, I spend my birthday in London with equally great people and ate so much good food it makes me hungry to even think about it right now. Best meal in July was the sunday roast – my first (hopefully of many). August arrived way too quick and there is a slight nostalgia going on right now cause summer is passing by so fast. Life is so much easier when it’s a constant 26 degrees, days are long, nights are short. Still, I cannot wait to share my august analog diary with you. Brace yourself for even more summer contents.