A quick guide to Singapore: Arab Street, Haji Lane, Little India

24. May 2018

We stayed at
5footway.inn Project Boat Quay
76 Boat Quay, Singapur 049864

Thanks to Alice’s many many amazing recommendations Arab Street and Little India were high on our to-do list for Singapore. We did not once use public transport while we stayed in the city as our hostel was located perfectly to walk everywhere we had planned to visit during those 3 days. On the way to Arab Street we wanted to also visit two temples but one of the two was closed due to construction work. When we came closer to the area of Arab Street my excitement reached an all time high. The air seemed to change once we had arrive. It is the complete opposite of the otherwise super clean and tidy city. What’s probably best about Arab Street (and surroundings) are all the different restaurants as I am a huge lover of turkish food and was not disappointed. Haji Lane is just around the corner and we walked down the lane for some boutique shopping. I bought my Blair Waldorf headband in one of the boutiques. Quite a few of the boutiques don’t allow taking photos therefore, I used the opportunity to give my camera arm a break for the time being.

The Masjid Sultana mosque, which is considered as one of the most important mosques in Singapore, is located at Muscat Rd – another road leading to Arab Street. Unfortunately, the mosque was closed that day (we had a tendency to plan sights for days on which they were actually closed but oh well). Nevertheless, we enjoyed the area so so much and it was definitely worth the visit. The streets have their own way of leaving an impression on you. I have learnt to love the fan aesthetic of most big Asian cities and Singapore didn’t disappoint. When we sat down for lunch at a little side road of Arab Street the sounds of prayers from the mosque filled the air and it just added to the already surreal feeling of the place.

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