4. September 2015


Bralettes – Somi Apparel*  |  Shirt – Topshop

Like any other woman I often don’t feel too confident in my own skin. If you are a blogger, especially a fashion blogger, you constantly see photos of yourself and I don’t want to whinge here but it can be frustrating at times. We all have something we are not utterly happy with and really I am not different to any of you. It might take you by surprise that after saying this I am presenting myself in a bralette and a shirt on the internet. However, I am doing this because I had the great honor to work with Somi Apparel, a brand for comfort wear. They are truly an empowering brand with more than commercial goals in mind. The brand made it to their goal to raise funds for women empowering groups. I think it’s such a beautiful thought to help women that have been suffering discrimination and maltreatment just because of their gender with the commerce of something so intimate as lingerie. Somi Apparel’s lingerie line gave me the feeling that I should be proud to be a woman. I should be proud of every imperfection that I might or might not have. Thank you for reminding me.



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  1. Juhu 🙂
    Also das stimmt, dadurch, dass man sich ständig auf Fotos sieht, ist mal viel kritischer mit seinem Aussehen!!
    Gerade wenn ich mal ieder 2-3 Kilo zuviel auf den Rippen habe, stört mich das viel mehr, als wenn ich keinen Blog hätte :/
    Schöne Bilder!


    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Vielen Dank Esra! Ja oder einfach wenn man mal einen doofen Tag hatte. Oder man auf den Fotos einfach unvorteilhaft stand und mein einfach schrecklich aussieht. Solche Tage gibt es ja leider immer. Ich glaube einfach es ist wichtig, sich immer wieder daran zu erinnern, dass man sich so lieben sollte wie man ist.

  2. This sounds amazing and you look absolutely gorgeous in this bralette : ) Hope you continue with your journey to self love, there will be a series with me and other bloggers up in the second week of September if you are interested : )
    Céline blogging on http://smultronstaellen.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment Celine 🙂

  3. Total schöner Post – und ja, man muss einfach zu sich stehen. Und jeder hat einfach mal blöde Tage 🙂 Schöne Fotos übrigens!
    Liebste Grüße, Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Dankeschön Fiona! Mir liegt das Thema immer sehr am Herzen!

  4. I love when brands do that! Giving back to society is very important and I would rather buy from a company that try to give a positive impact to society instead of the ones that just think about profit.
    You look so delicate in this bralette!! I’m team bralettes, I love them!!

    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

    1. sophievandaniels says:

      Yes thats exactly what I think! I know that nowadays big companies are also trying to give back something to society but I always feel that it’s more a image thing and not something they are fully committed to. xx

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