Suit Up for 2020!

31. December 2019



suit 1/ untitled, 1991

suit 2/ cos

suit 3/ arket


Ending 2019 on a high note with my favorite suit edit from this year. One rainy late November morning Alice and me shot a whole lot of suit looks that I had been wearing on repeat all through November (and December). You have heard me going on and on about suits on here all through 2019 and as far as I am concerned this will not change the slightest in 2020. There is nothing more appealing to me than a good two set. It will make you look great and well put together while it requires literally no thinking.

Usually, grey is a colour I shy away from as I strongly believe it makes me look like I am sick. Or perhaps the colour grey just reminds me too much of the pain and suffering I have to endure every winter in Berlin? Maybe it’s a combination of the two, maybe it’s all in my head. Anyways, I have found a new liking in the color grey from light grey to dark grey the colour suddenly suits me very well.